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It seems that Australia can’t get enough of A Day To Remember. They were here at the start of the year and they already are returning for the No Sleep Till festival. Vocalist Jeremy McKinnon called up Renae Brown to talk up the brand new album



Hey Jeremy how you doing? What have you guys been up to lately?


Good. We’ve been on tour for the last two and a half weeks or so with Close your eyes, The Word Alive and Underoath…so been busy.


Yeah I was actually looking at your tour schedule and you guys seem to be pretty jam packed up until next February…


Actually it goes further than February, that’s just not released yet [laughs].


[laughs] Well from what I’ve seen so far… What’s the impact of touring like on you guys and being away from your family?


Ahh the last two records taught us all about that. You know we’re doing what we want to do but at the same time when you’re gone that much, I figure what goes on goes on.


Yeah that’s fair enough. So your new album ‘What separates me from you’ was set to be released on the 16th, but some sneaky people leaked it a few days early. Did this make you less excited about the release or were you just happy your fans were finally getting to hear it?


I was stoked coz you know ‘Homesick’ was leaked 2 weeks or something before it came out and I was pretty upset when that happened. And this leak was like five days before it came out, but I mean that doesn’t happen…I felt like we were really fortunate, I was really excited.


Did you feel much pressure writing and recording this album after the success of ‘Homesick’?


Not at all. Not when it comes to stuff like that. I was really confident with the stuff that we had, you know we’ve been writing for like 2 years straight, for some of it, so we were prepared for it. The only stressful part was that we were running out of time to actually record it, you know I mean a hell of a stressful part.


Yeah, how long did the whole recording process take?


About 3…no longer than that. I mean I guess you gotta count what we did in Europe so probably like 4 months total probably.


So far my favourite song off the new album is ‘All signs point to Lauderdale’ which is your favourite?


I would say right now, the one that really sticks out for me is ‘It’s Complicated’.


Why’s that?


That one just struck a chord with me for some reason.


Yeah that’s fair enough. Looking back on all of your material, are there any songs you don’t like to play live anymore?


I mean, I wouldn’t say like to but you know our first album, the very first one we don’t really like playing that stuff. Mainly because we weren’t actually a serious band. It was just kind of thrown together by the whole band and then some record label just put it out, something that we didn’t put time or effort into and we just kinda winged it and put it out and of course you got these kids that are like ‘Ohh yeah this is your best record ever!’ [laughs] I mean I can agree with you but look at New Found Glory’s self titled album, now that’s a first record you can say is actually incredible! Ours is not that [laughs] Which is kinda cool.


[laughs] What’s the response from the fans been like so far to the new record?


It’s been great. I mean we’ve been playing a few new songs at each show. I’ve actually been really surprised at how well people know these songs already because it really took a while for most of these songs to catch on with ‘Homesick’.


That must be an awesome feeling though, when you turn up to a show and all of the people know the new songs?


Pretty cool definitely!


It’s great how your music kind of spreads itself across a few different genres. Do you think the next album will be different again in terms of style/genre or will you just see how it goes?


We don’t really try to do anything it’s kinda just comes naturally and it all depends what’s going on at that point you know. It’s always going to be a mixture of a bunch of different things but people should be excited about where we go with it


So it’s really just a natural evolution?


Absolutely! It’s always going to be A day to Remember.


Where’s your favourite place to tour? And you don’t have to say Australia…




No you don’t have to say Australia…


For real though, I actually love playing in Australia. It’s probably our best market to be honest when it comes to how well we do everywhere. We played soundwave last year and it was the greatest thing we’ve ever been a part of.


Yeah alot of people have said that your soundwave performance was their highlight of the day, what was the soundwave experience like for you?


The first day that we were there was probably one of my favourite moments of the band ever. I mean I’ve been telling this story alot… We showed up the first day and these kids brought a flag to give to us at a signing and I kept it and broke like a mop handle backstage before we went on and we walked onstage, the lights are out, there was like a spotlight on me waving the flag and people are just losing it and then we go into ‘Downfall’ and the lights come on and it was literally like 20,000 people singing along to EVERY word of every song. And literally we had a video guy with and he was videotaping and I like look back at the video and I’m just like what the fuck! [laughs]


[laughs] Yeah the response from your fans in Australia seems to be pretty crazy, were you surprised at how well you guys are received here?


Absolutely. I mean we went over there probably the best way possible before that we came out with Parkway Drive so yeah we owe alot to those guys for giving us a shot you know and taking us out on tour. And you know we never expected that tour to go as well as it did. We came back over for Soundwave and ‘Homesick’ came out after that tour so we didn’t really know what to expect at all but we came back over and it was probably one of the greatest things we’ve ever done.


Aw wow that’s really awesome. So would you say that Soundwave would be one of the band’s career highlights?


Absolutely. And I would say that it would be our number one highlight so far in my opinion.


Wow that’s pretty cool. Can fans expect the same kind of show at No sleep til festival or are you going to change things up a bit?


No I mean like as always it’ll be a Day To Remember, we’ll do some stupid stuff I’m sure and probably play some new songs.


Have you ever had any mega creepy fan experiences?


I mean yeah we have them all the time, but a really crazy one…ahhh jeez. Oh this one time this fan stripped down to his boxers and did snow angels in the snow…


Wow that’s commitment.


Yeah it was pretty crazy. Oh and this other fan, we didn’t want him to do this but it was when Tom was in the band and he was wearing this jersey and the kid was like ‘I want your jersey!’ and he goes ‘No I’m not giving it to you’ and he’s like okay ‘I’m gonna start punching myself in the face until you give me the jersey’ and he actually started doing it and kept going. And we were just like dude [laughs] we’re not going to give you the jersey! It was crazy.


Are there any plans for your own headlining tour in Australia?


I have heard talks about it, so hopefully we can do that sooner rather than later. I really want to.


It would be amazing. Pick one word to describe the new album?


Hmmmm one word wow…..Shit! And that’s not the word. [laughs] Wow that’s hard.


[laughs] Okay what if I give you two words?


Damn that’s still hard [laughs]. It covers a lot of different things. I guess a good word would be Sacrifice.


Really? Why’s that?


Well just, all the things it talks about you know, it’s a pretty dark record. It’s about losing things you know, I mean we lost a band member and it talks about that. It talks about the loss of family members. We lost a lot of friends. Alot of different stuff went on and this record kind of talks about all of it.


Yeah sacrifice is definitely a good word to describe it then. Who has been your biggest musical inspiration?


Umm I wouldn’t that there’s any. I would just say it’s a little bit of everything because I listen to a bit of everything all the time you know. It’s more like my family and what’s happening in my life that’s the biggest inspiration.


So what bands have you been listening to lately?


Well this isn’t really new but I kind of got turned back onto it, Mumford and sons- ‘Sigh No More’. And I just bought the new Kanye West record the other night so I’m listening to that now. Umm the new Gucci Mane record [laughs]. Yeah those three.


Cool, which band would you like to tour with that you haven’t already?


Millencolin, they’re one of my faves. I’ve seen them live probably a year or two ago. They don’t tour the US much, actually they don’t tour much period so I’ve been trying to do something with them for years but it never seems to work out.


You will just have to abduct them and take them on tour with you…


That would be awesome.


If you had to trade places with anyone in the world dead or alive, who would it be and why?


Umm that’s hard for me. Your saying if I HAD to?


Yes, you HAVE to!


Um 50 Cent, coz he is awesome and he is rich as hell.


[laughs] Have you seen his tweets on twitter?!


[laughs] Yeah I followed him for a little bit but he was too intense for me. Rappers are challenging to follow on twitter.


[laughs] Yeah I know what you mean. Well thank you for the chat this morning. Looking forward to seeing you at No Sleep Til and congrats on the new album it’s awesome.


No worries. See you there and I’m glad you like it!


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